MJV Consultants Ltd

Certified Public Accountants

Experienced Accounting Professionals

We will strive to meet all your business necessities and plans. You can rely on easy accessibility to our qualified staff and prompt solutions to your problems.

What we do

Comprehensive solutions when it comes to restructuring your business, raising capital, attracting parters or performing due-diligence. Use our knowledge to improve your decisions.

Our mission is to help our clients attain their business objectives, increased profitability and growth through our financial advice and value added solutions. We partner with our clients in long term relationship and we strive to provide tailored services designed to achieve their business passion, dreams and ambitions.



MJV Consultants Ltd is Kigali based financial consulting company providing Accounting/Payroll, Taxation, Business/Strategic Plan, Internal Audit, Due Diligence, CFO services, start up services for investors, project financing and trainings to finance and non finance professionals.

Our Vision is to become the most trusted, innovative Financial Consulting Company in East Africa.

Our approach is to understand the client’s needs and accordingly customise  services to provide value to our clients.

Our clients’ success remains our biggest objective.




Some more insights on the core areas of our operation and how you benefit from them.


  • We provide accounting services both onsite and offsite
  • Our team has a mix of accountants, Senior Accountants to assist you in your accounting needs.
  • We offer comprehensive tax advisory to our clients.
  • We can assist you in tax planning


  • Documenting your strategy  to kick start the business or to attract investors, Partners and Financial institutions.
  • We undertake due diligence and market research for you before you invest in some business or start  a new business. 
  • Internal Audit
  • Market Research

Business financing advisory

  • If you are convinced of your big idea, we are here to get you the finance for your business or growth. We let you dream big with your business. We assist you and guide you, step by step, with documentation  in getting finance with ease and minimum of your efforts and time.

Got any questions?

These are some of the frequently asked questions that we get from our prospects, so we thought of listing them in case you have similar queries in mind.

Questions on Core Services

MJV Consultants Ltd provides a comprehensive range of financial consulting services including Accounting & Payroll, Tax Planning, Business Strategy, Management Consultancy, Due Diligence, Internal Audit, Project Financing, CFO Services, Investor Services, and Professional Training for both finance and non-finance professionals.

We offer onsite and offsite accounting services compliant with local GAAP and IFRS. Our experienced team provides comprehensive support for accounting, finance, and payroll, with over twenty years of collective experience in these domains. Additionally, we provide detailed tax advisory services to ensure business growth while maintaining compliance and minimizing risks.

Our Management Consultancy services encompass various critical aspects including Business Strategy and Planning, Due Diligence, Internal Audit, Market Research, and Business Process Reengineering. We aid in drafting comprehensive strategies, conducting due diligence for investments, facilitating internal audits, and streamlining business processes for improved efficiency.

We assist in securing finances for startups or business expansion by offering expert guidance on the feasibility of business ideas and facilitating financial support. Moreover, our team conducts rigorous financial due diligence, providing valuation insights to support acquisitions and identify potential risks in target businesses.

Internal Audit services are vital for entities of all sizes as they evaluate and enhance risk management, control, and governance. Similarly, Business Process Reengineering (BPR) introduces radical changes in processes, aiming to enhance efficiency, modernize operations, and often leads to improvements in management style and corporate culture.

Questions on Support Services

For investors, we provide end-to-end solutions in establishing and supporting businesses. Additionally, our startup services encompass assistance in documentation, strategy development, attracting potential investors, and securing financial aid from institutions.

To engage with us or inquire about our services, please us your details via the CONTACT US section on this website and we shall get right back.

Our CFO Services involve a dedicated approach to financial leadership, offering strategic financial insights, risk management, budgeting, and financial planning. Our experienced professionals act as an extension of your team, ensuring financial stability and growth.

Absolutely. We assist in developing comprehensive business plans and strategies vital for business growth. Our team can help document and refine your business strategy, making it investor-ready or geared towards attracting partners and financial institutions.

We offer specialized training programs designed to equip both finance and non-finance professionals with industry-specific knowledge and skills. These courses cover various financial aspects, ensuring professionals are adept at managing financial complexities in their respective fields.

We advise businesses in Rwanda on their most critical issues and opportunities.